4 Apr 2012 05:00:00 GMT

Hard days, little sleep and lot of work. At these moment, I am writing these post from Rio de Janeiro airport, waiting to go back to Recife after two busy weeks. It's hard to be away from home, but I am pretty happy with the final result.

People call us crazy, and after all we are discovering happiness in little things. First, every day we woke up with some some good reviews (and suggestions) about our apps. Yes, there are three of them now. Then we had meetings with people who believe in our ideas, and make us believe more in them too.

Two investors told us the same thing, it's not the right time to have financial aport. First we have to have much more final customers. So we decided to invest in some free apps. We launched pSUS and pTUSS free in Google Play store and after change the price from iTunes Store. pTUSS is very similar to pSUS (our first app described in the first post), but it is directed for doctors who works for medical care plans.

The third idea is not medical. We were invited by André Dahmer to put his comics into mobile devices. Last week we launched Malvados for iPhone (also free).

Vitor Guedes

24 Feb 2012 02:00:00 GMT

Josemando and I studied together at Informatics Centre at UFPE, one of the best universities of Brazil, and after that, we took different professional paths. He never gave up from his technical heart, and I studied some management stuff. We always asked ourselves what we were doing, and why not be a pirate. I have to admit, his stubbornness made 30ide.as.

A few months ago, we decided to create a Startup, so we brainstormed some ideas in a bar. At this moment, we both worked in different companies, and some time later we decided to quit our jobs. And I'am still trying to do it.

I work for a government company, where my parents have retired. So, imagine how happy they are with this decision.

Besides that, this week, during carnival, we launched our first idea at App Store, pSUS (a medical application for brazilian doctors). To overcome our expectation, after we buy the two first copies (and we are not medics), this app became top 5 charts in Brazil App Store.

This gave us more enthusiasm to move on. So, today, I get back from my vocations, and gave my dismissal letter.

Procedimentos SUS (pSUS) is a medical reference HTML based application. We decided to don't use objective C and Apple's components basically for two reasons:

  • Design, to make it different from others same categories apps;
  • Easy to deploy to other platforms, as Android.
Vitor Guedes